How to Fix a Maytag Fridge's Freezer Leakage

Most Maytag refrigerator models have a freezer compartment that relies on a water supply to operate. If you see water leaking from your Maytag and you suspect it’s from the freezer compartment, there are parts of the refrigeration system you can inspect, troubleshoot and repair without having to call your Maytag repairman.

Water Supply Lines

The first place to check is the main water supply line and the connections to your Maytag refrigerator. Pull your Maytag refrigerator away from the wall and unplug it. Follow the supply line to find the connection. Maytag refrigerators often have the connection points toward the bottom. Examine the connections to ensure that they are not loose. Wipe off any water on the supply lines and connections and check them for any leaks.

Drain Pan

The freezer leak may appear to be from the freezer, but it's possible that the leak is from the drain pan itself. Examine the drain pan under your Maytag fridge for any cracks or damage. It’s normal for your Maytag drain pan to collect moisture. Any damage can allow water to leak through it. You should also check the refrigerator to make sure that it's level. An off-balance refrigerator can tilt the drain pan and let water spill on the floor. Put a level on top of your Maytag refrigerator. If it's not level, adjust the feet on the bottom of the fridge.

Ice Maker

After your external inspection is done, check your Maytag's ice maker if it is equipped with one. The ice maker also has a water supply line. Any damage to it can cause leaks that run down the back from the freezer to the refrigerator section. Also check the nut connecting the supply line to the inlet tube for tightness. If it's too tight, the plastic tube could be pinched and cause damage. If the nut is too loose, this will cause leakage at the connection point.

Drain Tube

Another source for a freezer leak is the drain tube, which runs behind the refrigerator and down to the drain pan. If the water running through the tube becomes frozen, the ice prevents the natural condensation in the freezer from going through it. Open up the freezer access panel to locate the tube's main access port. Unscrew it and use a turkey baster to pour hot water down the tube. If that doesn't melt the ice, use a hair dryer along the entire tube.