Faucet Has No Pressure

When your kitchen or bath sink faucet has no pressure many different issues are to blame.

Environmental Issues

No pressure in a faucet is a result of several possible factors.No pressure in a faucet is a result of several possible factors.
If you experience this problem a quick check-up on a few different areas of your home, and even your town water system, will lead to an answer.

If your area is dry and has no rain, water pressures in some neighborhoods will drop. This is not true in every area and is not always the case but it is a possibility. If you have access to a town newspaper or your city government's website, check for updates and information about your water. Notices about any environmental issues affecting water supplies is posted on city government websites.

Faucet Parts

A faucet cartridge inside your faucet handles and moderates the water flow rates from the tap. This cartridge has very small holes that align to pass water through when the handle is turned. If the holes clog with debris, it blocks water flow. A simple removal of the handle with an Allen wrench screwdriver and a replacement of the cartridge inside the faucet solves this issue.

Home Plumbing Problems

Old plumbing often causes problems like low water pressure, squealing pipes and vibrating pipes. This is mainly due to air in your system. However, no pressure in your faucet is typically not a result of plumbing issues unless there is a major blockage in your home plumbing. If you have exacerbated all other possibilities, contact a plumber to investigate this issue.

Water Valves Turned Off

Each home has an incoming water pipe that delivers water from the town water system. It enters near the water heater in the basement, in most homes. Test the valve on this pipe by turning it clockwise to the open position, rather than closed. If it is closed, no water will be available in the home. Also, check the valves on the water pipes underneath the sink. Turn both to the open position. If these valves are closed the faucet will have no water.

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