The Difference Between GE 6-Year and 9-Year Water Heaters

General Electric offers both gas and electric water heaters with warranties ranging from six to 12 years.

6-Year Electric Warranty

The length of the warranty depends on the GE water heater model. Always read the water heater label, or talk to the salesperson to determine the length of the warrant. You must register your water heater to qualify for the warranty. .

The six-year electric limited warranty covers both the components and the tank for six years after purchase, and you also receive a one-year in-home service warranty. The electric water heaters in this category come with a magnesium anode rod, which helps protect the tank from damage, and the tank has a porcelain lining to retain heat. The pressure relief and temperature valves are installed at the factory, which makes it easier to install the water heater in your home. An example of an electric water heater with this warranty is Model GE30T0GMAG.

6-Year Gas Warranty

The six-year gas limited warranty covers both the tank and the components for six years after purchase, and you receive a one-year in-home service warranty. These gas water heaters are filter-less and have porcelain-lined tanks. They feature a push-button pilot light, which means that you just need turn on the pilot light as opposed to lighting it with a match. They also have low nitrous oxide emissions. You can install these water heaters at high elevations between 6,000 and 10,200 feet above sea level. An example of the six-year limited warranty gas water heater is the GG50T06AVH model.

9-Year Electric Warranty

The nine-year electric limited warranty covers the parts and tank for up to nine years after purchase, and you also receive the one-year in-home service warranty. The tanks in this series come with stainless steel heating elements, and a self-cleaning system to reduce lime and sediment build-up. They come with anode rods for additional tank protection, and factory-installed pressure relief and temperature valves. These water heaters feature dual heating elements to quickly and efficiently heat your water. An example of this type of electric water heater is the PE50T09AAH model.

9-Year Gas Warranty

With the nine-year gas warranty, you receive a one-year in-home service warranty, and your tank and parts are covered for up to nine years. These tanks also do not have filters, and they have a self-cleaning system. They come with a push-button pilot light and an anode rod. These gas water heaters do not produce a lot of nitrous oxide, and they are compliant with high-altitude environments. An example of this water heater is the GG50T06AVH model.

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