The Best Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heaters are household appliances designed to provide homes and buildings with hot water in bathrooms and kitchens. These types of water heaters use electricity rather than natural gas or propane to keep the water warm in the tank. Compare some of the top water heaters on the market to see which one will work best for you.

Kenmore 32656

The Kenmore 32656 is a 55-gallon electric water heater with 5,500 watts of power. The dimensions of the appliance are 60 inches by 21 inches by 21 inches, and the water heater weighs 130 pounds. The tank is made of glass-lined steel and comes with foam insulation. As of March 2011, the cost of the Kenmore water heater is approximately $300. It comes with a six-year warranty on the parts and tank.

Rheem Marathon MSR50245

The Rheem Marathon MSR50245 is a 50-gallon water heater that features a lightweight tank made of plastic fiberglass that will not rust or corrode. The tank also comes with a pipe wrap energy-saving kit, factory-installed conduit, polysulfone dip tubes and a bowl-shaped bottom. As of March 2011, the water heater costs approximately $1,100, and it comes with a lifetime tank warranty and six-year warranty on parts.

Bradford White M-2-50T6DS

The 50-gallon Bradford White M-2-50T6DS water heater has a factory-installed Hydrojet Total Performance System, Vitraglas lining and 2-inch foam insulation. While the appliance weighs 123 pounds, the dimensions are 60 inches by 23 inches by 21 inches. Additional features of the appliance include a 100-percent fully automated thermostat that quickly responds to temperature control. As of March 2011, the cost of this electric water heater is just over $500.

GE GeoSpring Hybrid GE H50DNSRSA

The GE GeoSpring Hybrid GE H50DNSRSA is designed to consume 62-percent less energy then a standard electric water heater. Dimensions of the water heater are 61 inches by 22 inches by 22 inches, and the appliance weighs 190 pounds. This 50-gallon water heater has 4,500 watts of power, while its operating modes include eHeat technology, high demand and standard electric. As of March 2011, the price of the GE GeoSpring Hybrid water heater is approximately $1,700, which includes a 10-year parts warranty.

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