The Best Rated Water Heaters

Consumers can choose between top ranked gas or electric water heaters. Top rated water heaters ranked by companies such as Sears and J. D. Power & Associates are budget friendly and environmentally conscious.

Kenmore 32656 Power Miser 6

The Kenmore 32656 Power Miser 6 is a budget friendly electric water heater. It costs less than the most energy-efficient water heaters. The Power Miser 6 is built to work for a family of four. The 55 gallons tank is made from glass lined steel. The heater utilizes two Limeguard DualWatt elements and features a self-cleaning PEX Roto-Swirl dip tube which reduces maintenance costs.

Rheem /Ruud Marathon MSR50245

The Rheem /Ruud Marathon MSR50245 water heater avoids tank degradation with its plastic and fiberglass construction that is both durable and efficient. The tank is leak proof and the manufacturer claim it will last longer than the average 10-year lifetime of most electric water heaters. The dip tube is constructed from self-cleaning high-temp polysulfone and the heater features a stainless alloy element.

Takagi Flash T-H1

The Takagi Flash T-H1 is a tankless water heater which runs on natural gas. This tankless water heater is easily maintained and repaired and can supply a whole household with hot water. The manufacturer claims that multiple people can shower or run hot water simultaneously without running low.

Kenmore 33159 HydroSense

The Kenmore 33159 HydroSense heater runs on natural gas and features thick layers of insulation and glass lined steel. The Hydro Sense has an environmentally friendly Energy Star certification. The self-cleaning feature increases the water heater's efficiency and lowers maintenance costs because sediment buildup is minimal. A match free ignition feature increases safety.

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