Deck Enclosure Ideas

Enclosing a deck helps to create a private outdoor living space that also serves other functions as well.


Enclosing a porch increases privacy.
Depending on the material and design that you choose to enclose your deck with, you will prevent bugs from raiding the area, provide maximum privacy or surround the space while keeping your views. You have several options to choose from when deciding how to enclose your deck. .

Choose screens to enclose a deck and keep bugs, especially mosquitoes, out. This technique allows you to enjoy your outdoor area throughout the seasons, day and night. Certain screens prevent the elements, such as rain and sun, from filtering into the deck completely, so that you may enjoy the space despite many weather conditions. Screen in the entire porch from floor to ceiling or just from the middle of the enclosure up. Place a solid wall along the bottom if you choose to cover just the top portion with screens. This design is suitable in regions with colder weather because it prevents breezes from sweeping into the entire deck area.

Privacy Walls

Walls are solid structures that enclose a deck in order to encompass the entire space for maximum privacy. Another option is to place them around all but one side in order to maintain your views and have easy access to your backyard. Privacy walls are available in wood, stone, metal or vinyl. If you have neighbors with multiple story homes within close proximity to your deck area, it may not be possible to build a wall high enough for complete privacy, or building codes may dictate maximum height. Combat this dilemma by constructing an overhead trellis and assisting vines to grow over it. The lush trellis acts as a barrier to neighbors looking down into your outdoor living area.


Latticework is spaced, crisscrossed material that provides a feeling of being enclosed, but still allows you see the scenery. Choose a wide spaced lattice with thin material used for the bars to maintain optimal views. Latticework is suitable as a backing behind a screen enclosure because it provides a sturdy structure for it without closing it off completely.

Trees and Bushes

Trees and bushes are a natural way to enclose a deck space. They require more maintenance than other materials because you must keep them trimmed so that they do not interfere with your outdoor space. However, this options provides privacy while reminding you that you are outdoors. Low growing evergreens and chokeberry bushes are dense enough to provide screening, yet won't grow too tall and lose their lushness around the deck's perimeter.