Brands of Ductless AC

Some people refer to a ductless air conditioner, as a mini-split, duct-free or ductless split air conditioner.

Soleus Air

Ductless air conditioning units are available for residiential use.
The ductless air conditioning system uses small tubes that connect the evaporator unit that sits inside the house to the condenser that sits outside the house. Ductless air conditioners can cool one particular section of a home or multiple locations. Some air conditioning units not only cool an area but can heat a location also. .

Soleus Air produces a variety of energy-efficient cooling and heating units for residential and commercial use. Some products available include rooftop air conditioners, table fans, electric heaters and ductless air conditioner. For instance, the KFI-09 ductless air conditioner has a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating of 13, which makes it high energy efficient, four fan settings, a digital thermostat and five operation modes, consisting of cool, auto, fan, heat and dehumidify. Also, the air filters can come out of the unit and are washable.


Sanyo North American Corporation’s headquarters sits in San Diego, California. The company provides various commercial, consumer and environment solution products. Some products available include solar, television, camcorders, audio systems and home appliances, including ductless air conditioners. For example, the Sanyo manufactures single split ductless air conditions, including wall mounted, ceiling suspended and ceiling recessed units.

LG Electronics

LG Electronics formed as GoldStar in 1958. It manufactured the first televisions, radios air conditioners and other home product for Korea. The company acquired Zenith in 1995 and introduced the first 60-inch plasma television in 1998. Through the years, LG Electronics has continued to unveil a variety of home appliances and systems including residential and commercial single split air conditioning systems. Some features available on the ductless air conditioner include the dehumidifying model which automatic senses the tempestuous in a room and turn off the compressor prior to a room over-cooling, and a four-stage purifying system that filters the air for various particles.