The Specifications for an Electric Hot Water Tank Made by Giant

Giant hot water tank electric heaters are manufactured in Canada. They are used in mobile homes and other places where low-price acquisitions are important. Electric water heaters remain popular because of their low entry price and easy, inexpensive installation. Giant manufactures three models of electric hot water heaters with tanks. They are the Standard, the Cascade and the Super Cascade.

Standard Model Specifications

Use care when adjusting the water temperature of a hot water heater.

The specifications for the Standard model also are used for the Cascade and the Super Cascade models. The Cascade and Super Cascade models do have additional features.

Each unit has a blanket of Greenfoam insulation wrapped around the tank. This insulation is eco-friendly and keeps hot water hot for longer periods and reduces stand-by temperature losses, thus reducing electric costs. Greenfoam has no toxic ingredients. Each Standard water heater has factory-installed 3/4-inch dielectric nipples. As these parts have above-average corrosion resistance, the life of the water heater is extended.

All Giant Standard water heaters are built with high-quality magnesium anodes. These anodes also have superior rust resistance and are important to extending the life of the unit. Electric heating elements are made by Giant. They are CSA-approved, bolt-on immersion elements. Easily replaced without the need for tools, they help keep maintenance costs down. A proprietary glass-lined inner tank of blue cobalt glass enriched with zircon is fused to uniquely treated steel to make a corrosion-resistant coating for the storage tank that will last a long time. The tank has been certified at a test pressure of 300 psi and a working pressure of 150 psi. Each heater comes with a tamper-resistant, one-piece drain valve for simple-to-work drainage.

Each Giant electric water heater comes with an adjustable thermostat to keep water at the desired temperature. The thermostat has a safety cutoff for emergency situations. Giant outfits each of its residential electric water heaters with a 90-degree elbow overflow tube. Every water heater comes with a factory-installed temperature and pressure-relief valve. The purpose of the valve is protect the heater's tank from unduly high temperatures and pressure.

The Standard line models are the 142ETE, 152ETE and 172ETE. These models store 36 U.S. gallons, 48 U.S. gallons and 60 U.S. gallons, respectively. They can be connected to 120V, 208V or 240V electric service. Giant states that its residential electric water heaters have a six-year limited warranty against inner tank leakage from the date of installation and a one-year limited warranty on component parts.

Cascade Models

The Cascade models 152B and 172B come in 48 U.S. gallon and 60 U.S. gallon sizes, respectively. They provide all the features of the Giant Standard electric water heater. In addition, they are bottom-fed water heaters, which results in 20-percent more hot water instantly. Also, they use low-watt, high-density heating elements for longer life. These water heaters run on 208V or 240V electric service. Compared to the Standard Giant water heater, the Cascade models saves about $150 per year in electric costs.

Super 9 Cascade

As with the Cascade models, the Super 9 Cascade models 152E and 172E, with capacities of 60 U.S. gallons and 72 U.S. gallons respectively. have all the features of the Giant Standard water heater, with the following enhancements.

Compared to the Standard model, the Super Cascade is made with a larger-diameter magnesium diode for better corrosion control that extends water tank life. It has a double-coated blue cobalt glass lining for enhanced corrosion resistance and tank longevity. As with the Cascade models, it is also bottom fed, with the resulting 20-percent more instant hot water than the standard model, as well as a low-watt, high-density element for improved element life. This model runs on either 208V or 240V electric service. The Super Cascade comes with a better warranty than the Standard and Cascade models. It has a nine-year limited warranty against inner tank leakage from the date of installation and a five-year limited warranty on the heating elements and thermostats.