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Permanent Exterior Paint Alternatives

Kristle Jones

When freshly painted, an exterior of a house can be stunning. However, after variable weather throughout the seasons and after months of being baked in the sun, exterior paint can fade and chip, leaving the exterior of your house looking ho-hum. Fortunately, there are a few permanent exterior paint alternatives you can take advantage of to keep your house looking fresh and new.

Cement Siding

Weather and sun can take its toll on a house with exterior paint.

Cement Siding is a common permanent exterior paint alternative to those living in the southern U.S. where hurricanes and tornadoes can wreak havoc on the exterior paint of a house. Cement siding is any outside siding that is made from a cement material. Examples of cement siding are stucco, cinder blocks and cement molds.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating for homes, thanks to companies like Rhino Shield, gives home exteriors a durable, flexible and maintenance-free permanent exterior paint alternative. This ceramic coating is actually a high build acrylic-urethane-elastomeric formula that waterproofs, insulates and helps to soundproof a home. In addition, besides being a permanent exterior paint alternative, it is also resistant to mildew, corrosion and sun damage.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding, another siding option in permanent exterior paint alternatives, is technically a plastic type of exterior that is ideal for those who want to avoid exterior home maintenance. Vinyl siding varies in size and color, giving home owners the option of choosing a design that suits their taste. According to Siding 4 U, beauty, durability and value are all reasons to choose vinyl siding.