The Disadvantages of Gas Clothes Dryers

Gas clothes dryers have some significant advantages over electric dryers for homeowners.


Gas dryers are energy efficient but do have disadvantages.
The gas dryer uses higher temperatures to dry your clothing, which cuts drying time. This reduces the amount of energy you use and the associated cost. Homeowners should also take into account the disadvantages of a gas dryer when deciding between an electric or gas dryer. .

The cost of a gas dryer can be much more than an electric appliance. For those who must keep to a budget when shopping for a new appliance, the upfront cost may be outside of the budget. However, gas dryers are more efficient and can save on energy costs, which offsets the upfront cost rather quickly.


A professional should install a gas dryer to ensure the gas line is safe. In homes without gas lines for a dryer, the installation costs add to the upfront expenses for a gas dryer. Professionals are also needed to repair gas dryers and problems with the line. Gas can be dangerous if not handled by trained professionals.


Gas dryers must have ventilation to vent the gas out of the home. The ventilation system in a gas dryer is vital to the safe operation of the clothes dryer. The gas in the dryer contains carbon monoxide, which can be very dangerous if allowed to build up in the home.

Explosive Danger

A well-maintained gas dryer should not cause any problems, but a gas dryer in disrepair can result in a potentially dangerous situation. Gas leaks can result in explosions in the home if not repaired properly.

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