How Can I Reduce the Acidity of My Well Water?

One of the most common causes of corrosion in well water systems is high acidity levels in the water. High levels of acid in water can cause corrosion of faucets and sink fixtures and can also create leaks and eventual failure of pipes.


First, you will need to test the water to determine what measures need to be taken to bring it to a normal level. There are several pH water testing kits on the market. If the pH level is less than 7.0, the water has a high acidity level.

Reducing Acid in Well Water

There are several products available to help correct acid levels in well water. The calcite neutralizer filter system filters water through a filter tank that contains a combination of magnesium and calcium, which will reduce acidity and raise pH levels above 7.0. The size of the system required depends on flow rate for your particular well. Another option is to use a soda ash feeding system. This system uses a contact tank, a metering pump and soda ash (sodium bicarbonate) to lower the acidity of the well water as it passes through on its way from the well to the home.

Other Options

For those who cannot afford the more costly solutions, it is still possible to reduce the acidity of well water for drinking and cooking purposes. A water filtration system can be applied to faucets to cleanse and purify water that will be used for human consumption.

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