How to Clean the Outside of Apartment Windows

Kaye Wagner

If you live in an apartment building, you probably rarely clean the outside of your windows. Windows that tilt outside or in are easy to clean because you can access the other side without leaning out your window.

Keeping the outside of your windows clean will improve your view.

If you have sliding windows, however, you may find it difficult to clean the outside of your windows safely, especially since opening one side of the window obscures the other. Using a squeegee with an adjustable handle and pole prevents you from needing to lean out the window and can make window cleaning much easier.


Hold the squeegee tight when you are cleaning your window. If you are concerned about dropping while cleaning the outside of your windows, consider attaching a lanyard loop to the handle and putting it over your wrist when you clean.


Never lean out your window to clean it. You could easily lose your footing and fall.

  1. Spray window cleaner on the back of the squeegee until the sponge is completely soaked.

  2. Adjust the squeegee so it is at a 90-degree angle. Open your window.

  3. Stand behind the closed portion of the window. Hold the squeegee so the handle is perpendicular to your body and the bent portion is parallel to the window. The squeegee should touch the outside of the window.

  4. Press the sponge portion of the squeegee over the window until the entire window is soaked with window cleaner.

  5. Turn the squeegee around and press the rubber against the window in straight lines. Continue until you have removed all of the window cleaner and dirt. Wipe down the rubber with a paper towel in between strokes to prevent dripping and streaking.

  6. Close the window as much as possible to reveal the other side of the outside window. Repeat the process until the window is completely clean. Soak the squeegee as needed.