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How to Remove Screens From Milgard Windows

Nathan McGinty

Milgard is a well-known manufacturer of windows for both home and commercial use. Their line of vinyl windows comes in a variety of styles, sizes and colors. Many also come with screens for filtering out insects. You can easily remove screens from Milgard windows on your own for cleaning or repair.

  1. Open the Milgard window so you can access the screen.

  2. Grab the finger pull or rail located at the bottom of the Milgard window screen with your fingers on one hand.

  3. Press up on the top edge of the window screen toward the top of the window to compress the spring clips.

  4. Gently press outward on the finger rail to swing the Milgard screen away from the window. Keep a firm grip on the screen so it does not slip.

  5. Lower the screen straight down from the window frame.

  6. Pull the Milgard window screen through the window toward you.