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How to Air Out Cigarette Smoke

Jasey Kelly

Cigarette smoke lingers, and if you and/or multiple people are smoking in your home, it will contain a haze of cigarette smoke before long. While you can effectively air out your home and remove the lingering cigarette smoke, the smell will linger and penetrate deep into your walls, furniture and the other surfaces of your home. Using household fans can relieve you of the smoke and some of the smell.

Cigarettes create a smoky, smelly environment.
  1. Crack or open your windows in the room where the smoke is prevalent.

  2. Place a fan or fans at the window(s), pointing them outwards. This allows the fans to pull the smoke from the inside of the house and push it outdoors.

  3. Place other fans inside the home, facing the window fans. These fans will push the smoke towards the window fans.

  4. Turn on ceiling fans, if you have them, to push the air toward the window fans and other fans.