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How to Install a Window Fan

Cecilia Harsch

Installing a window fan can cool your room effectively when the outside air is cooler than the air inside your house. A window fan uses less energy than an air-conditioning unit, so it makes sense to operate a fan on cooler days and at night. A window fan with a built-in thermostat turns the fan off once the room reaches a predetermined temperature setting and turns on once the temperature rises above that setting. This saves energy by not running the fan when it isn't required. You do not need tools to install a window fan.

  1. Open your window fully. Set the window fan horizontally in a double-hung window opening and vertically, with the left side of the fan situated at the bottom of the window opening, for a slider window.

  2. Close the window against the fan. The bottom of the window should set against the window fan's flat top.

  3. Pull out the extender panels on each side of the window fan to fit the fan to the window casing. This keeps any uninvited creatures from crawling through the opening on either side of the fan.