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How to Hang an Oriental Fan

Serena Styles

Oriental hand fans are a traditional, delicate part of Eastern interior decorating. Often carefully hand-painted, it is common to see these fans hung as works of art. According to Jane Edwards and Andrew Wood, authors of "Asian Elements," hanging an oriental fan in a room gives it a touch of personal style.

Oriental fans come in all sizes.


If the picture frame nails clash with the color of the fan, paint them a shade that you find pleasing using acrylic craft paint.

You can hang a hand fan on the wall with just a few simple supplies to dress up your interior décor.

  1. PIck an are in your home that is open and complements the size of your fan.

  2. Open the fan and place it against the wall where you have chosen to hang it. Experiment with positioning until you are satisfied with how it looks in the space.

  3. Mark the wall directly beneath the bottom hinge of the fan with a small pencil dot. Do the same at the halfway point up the supports on either side of the fan. You should now have three dots on your wall.

  4. Hammer a picture frame nail into the wall at each dot. Drive the nail into the wall until only one-quarter of an inch is sticking out.

  5. Balance the fan on the three nails in the same positioning that you chose earlier. If the fan tilts forward slightly, drive a fourth nail into the wall, directly above the top of the fan in the center. The head of the nail will keep the fan from leaning forward.