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How Do I Change Out the Fan in a Magic Chef MCWC44DZ Wine Cooler?

Larisa Cox

Magic Chef wine coolers are among many popular choices for a lot of wine enthusiasts. A lot of Magic Chef models are equipped with a direct current (DC) electric fan. Magic Chef's model MCWC44DZ wine cooler replacement fan is available through Magic Chef website, which is linked in the Resources section. A replacement fan also is available at hardware stores, but the new fan must be the correct model.

Although, you can replace the fan yourself, Magic Chef recommends that an experienced technician performs the job.

A screwdriver is necessary to replace the wine cooler's fan.
  1. Pull the wine cooler carefully away from its wall, and unplug it safely.

  2. Unscrew the fan along with the center section from the wine cooler's back wall using a screwdriver. The fan is behind the back wall, and its removal requires taking out the center section that contains the controls for the unit. The fan is connected via a wire harness run through the cabinet.

  3. Unscrew the fan from the center section. Gently grasping their plastic, pull off the wires that connect the fan to the center section. Put the old fan aside. If the center section is dusty, wipe it with a damp cloth.

  4. Plug the center section's wires into the replacement fan. Screw the new fan onto the center section. Place the fan along with the center section in the cooler, and screw it in place. Attach the back wall to the wine cooler.

  5. Test the new fan by plugging the wine cooler's power cord into an electrical outlet. If the new fan doesn't work, remove and then reinstall the new fan. If the fan still doesn't work, contact a repair technician or Magic Chef's customer service, which is linked in the Resources section.

  6. Move the wine cooler back to its location. Allow room between it and a wall for air circulation.