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How to Replace an Electrical Plug on a Circular Saw

Max Stout

Circular saw cord sheathing is usually formed over the electrical plug from the factory which gives it the appearance of a single assembly. Because of this, when the prongs of the power cord plug become damaged, the first thought may be to replace the entire cord. However, a new plug can be installed on the old cord without the need of sending the tool out for factory repair. With a few tools and a minimal amount of electrical experience, you can put your circular saw back into service.

Circular saw cords can be repaired by installing a replacement plug.
  1. Examine the circular saw cord to determine the type of replacement plug you will need. Some saw cords have two prong plugs while others have three.

  2. Remove the damaged plug from the end of the power cord using wire cutters. Cut the cord 2 inches above the plug.

  3. Cut one-inch of sheathing from the end of the power cord with a utility knife.

  4. Strip 1/2-inch of insulation from each power cord wire with wire strippers.

  5. Loosen the cord clamp on the back section of the replacement plug assembly with a screwdriver. Insert the wires through the clamp and into the back section of the plug. Slide the back over the wires far enough for you to work on the individual wires.

  6. Twist each of the stripped cord wires in a right-hand direction by hand until they are tight. Bend the wires into open end loops using your fingers.

  7. Connect the black wire to the terminal screw for the thin prong of the replacement plug. Tighten the screw clockwise with the appropriate screwdriver.

  8. Connect the white wire to the terminal for the large prong. Connect the green ground wire to the terminal for the ground prong if the plug has three prongs. Tighten the terminal screw[s].

  9. Slide the back section over the terminal connections until it is full seated. Tighten the screws that connect the back section to the plug end with a screwdriver.

  10. Tighten the cord clamp screws with a screwdriver.