How to Repair a Lamp Cord That Is Cut

Having a cut lamp cord does not mean the lamp needs to be out of service long. Fixing it is probably your best option and is easy and quick to do. Whether it's a table lamp or a floor lamp, the cord is the same and the repair is exactly the same. There's no need to buy a new lamp or call an electrician.

Repair the Cord

  1. Separate the two conductors on each end of the wire with a knife.

  2. Pull the wires apart, 4 inches back, on each end of the cord.

  3. Strip the insulation back 1 inch on all four wires.

  4. Hold the wires at right angles to each other in one hand and twist them together with the other hand. Do this for both wires of the cord.

  5. Wrap each separate wire connection with tape individually.

  6. Wrap the entire connection with tape.


  • Be sure the lamp is unplugged before you start. If you don't use a wire stripper, be careful not to cut or nick the wire while you are stripping it with a knife. Do not short the connectors together. Be sure your tape completely covers the copper wire and goes at least one inch onto the insulation. Be sure you use electrical tape and not masking or packing tape.