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How to Repair a Vacuum Cord

Mary Lougee

Vacuum cords fray or may incur cuts from pulling the cord over sharp objects or running the vacuum over the cord itself. Connecting the two pieces of cord in a safe manner will enable to vacuum to operate. A "butt junction," where the cords are rejoined to form one straight line, will not leave a different shape in the cord to catch on objects as would a junction made with wire nuts.

Step 1

Unplug the vacuum from the electrical outlet.

Step 2

Cut the vacuum cord entirely in two at the repair area with wire cutters. This will help to make clean connections for vacuum cords that are partially cut through or fraying.

Step 3

Hold one end of the cord in one hand with the cut area between a thumb and forefinger.

Step 4

Cut all the way around the plastic casing of the cord in a circle about 2 inches from the cut area. Pull the outer cord casing off the cord. Repeat this process to strip the casing from the other piece of cord.

Step 5

Lay the two pieces of cord on top of each other with the two exposed wires in each piece that match on top of each other. One side of the cord has bumps or lines and the other side of the cord is smooth. Match the two pieces of the cord together with like-sides facing upwards.

Step 6

Wrap electrical tape around each of the two junctions of wire to fully enclose them and separate them from each other. Make at least three wraps around each connection.

Step 7

Open the slit of a heat-shrink electrical connector and slide it on the cords on top of the electrical tape so that the entire section is covered.

Step 8

Plug a blow dryer into an electric receptacle and place it on the highest heat setting. Aim the hot air on the heat shrink connector. The connector will collapse and melt to the splice.