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How to Set the Time on a Golden Hour Clock

Frank Whittemore

The Golden Hour clock consists of a metal base that holds a round, upright metal rim with numbers on its face and a large glass crystal in the rim. The hands of the clock appear to be suspended in the center of the crystal, with no mechanical connection to the clock base or rim. In reality, the minute hand attaches to the crystal, which turns very slowly within the rim itself. The minute hand then operates the hour hand through a series of reduction gears. The clock is deceptively simple in design and easy to set.

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  1. Unplug the clock.

  2. Turn the minute hand in the clock in a clockwise direction to the correct time.

  3. Flip the counterweight on the back of the clock in either direction to set the hour hand to the correct hour time.

  4. Plug the clock in to start it.