How to Reset an Amana Stove Clock

Andrew Todd

Most Amana ranges have a display located on the control panel that contains information such as the oven temperature, kitchen timer and current time of day, depending on the model of your Amana range.

The clock on the Amana range is not self-setting; you must adjust it by hand if there is a power outage, for daylight savings time or if the time is incorrect. The clock controls are located beside the clock display on the range’s control panel, making adjustments quick and easy.

  1. Press the "Cancel/Off" button to turn off the oven.

  2. Press the "Clock" button to open the clock settings.

  3. Press the "Hour/Temp," "More" or "Less" buttons repeatedly to adjust the clock time.

  4. Press the "Start" button or "Clock" button to save the changes to the clock.