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How to Troubleshoot a Whirlpool Range

Amy Kingston

Whirlpool ranges are warrantied to be free of defects for one full year after purchase. If any part of the range is defective, Whirlpool will replace it free of charge. Troubleshoot the range to fix common issues. If troubleshooting fails to fix the problem, contact a Whirlpool-designated service center for warranty work. You will need the original sales receipt to prove the date of purchase to obtain warranty service.

General Troubleshooting

  1. Plug the range into the outlet fully. Reset tripped breakers or replace blown fuses in the household breaker or fuse box, if needed.

  2. Push the control knob in and turn to the desired setting. Press and hold the "To Lock Hold 3 Sec" key for three seconds to unlock the controls if "Loc" is shown on the display.

  3. Call for service if the oven indicator light flashes continuously. The range has detected an error that requires service.

Display Messages

  1. Turn the range off and press the "Clock" button to reset the clock if the time is flashing. Press the "+" or "-" arrow keys to change the time. Press the "Clock" or "Start" key to set the selected time.

  2. Push the "Off/Cancel" key to clear the display if a letter followed by a number appears on the display. This is an error code. Call for service if the error code reappears.

  3. Press the "Start" key to start the selected cooking function if "Push?" or "PSH" appears on the display. This means a function was selected but the "Start" key was not pressed.

Self-Cleaning Cycle Does Not Start

  1. Close the oven door completely. The self-cleaning cycle will not start if the door is not fully closed.

  2. Set the controls properly. Press the "Self Clean" key. Use the "+" or "-" arrow keys to enter a cycle time. Press the "Start" button to begin the cycle.

  3. Check the display. If the time is counting down on the display, a timed cycle was selected. The self-cleaning cycle will begin at the selected time.