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My GE Range Has No Power

Meredith Jameson

Most modern ranges do much more than just cook. The ranges offer a variety of features, from temperature and cooking sensors to convection cooking to storage and warming drawers, removable temperature probes, electronic ignition and self-cleaning ovens. When the range seems to have no power, including a GE range, owners may be unsure of how to handle the situation, but most problems can be resolved without having to call for service.

Power Cord

When the GE range does not have any power, don't jump to conclusions and assume something serious is wrong with the unit. The problem may be as simple as a power cord that has slipped, been pulled, or fallen out of the outlet. Push the cord back into the outlet, preferably a grounded 3-prong one.

Household Fuse or Circuit Breaker

The range may lose power if the entire household temporarily lost power or if there was a power surge or some sort. Most GE ranges will display a "PF" error in the control panel if this has happened. To resolve this situation, reset the circuit breaker, or replace the fuse as needed. Reset the clock on the display, and press "Start" to confirm.


When the range controls are operated incorrectly, the unit may appear as though it has no power. For instance, if the display has been set to "Blackout," it will appear as if the range has no power. To turn off the blackout mode, press "Broil Hi/Lo" and "Bake" pads simultaneously until "SF" appears, then press "Clock" once to return the clock to normal 12-hour timekeeping. Press "Clock" one more time to set the clock to 24-hour military time or a third time to return the clock to blackout. Select or press "Bake" and make a cooking selection, or press in and turn the correct control knob for the desired burner or the oven to set a cooking temperature.

Repairs Needed

Troubleshooting efforts will likely return the GE range to power and allow users to resume normal range operation. However, if all efforts fail to turn the power back on to the unit, repairs might be necessary. Contact GE at 800-432-2737 for help.