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How to Reset a Water Boss Control

Meredith Jameson

The Water Boss is a water filtration system designed to clean and filter all of the water used throughout a home. The filter removes sediment and dirt that may be brought into the water from a well or piping through a neoprene screen and can also be used to filter out iron from the water. Sold online or through select home retail stores or dealers, the filtration system has a digital control panel. Resetting this control may be necessary if the settings have changed.

  1. Press and hold the "Set" button for three seconds and release when "01" is displayed.

  2. Press the number pads to the desired frequency of days until regeneration. Press "Set" to confirm. Note that the unit is pre-set to regenerate (release the filtered water back into the drain and refill with water) every four days.

  3. Press and hold "Set" until "Set Reg Time 02am" appears on the display. Press "Change" and then the number pads to set the desired time for regeneration.

  4. Press "Set" to confirm the reset changes.