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How to Set a Masterlock 176 Combination

Matthew Ferguson

The Masterlock model 176 is a combination padlock designed for use on various utility boxes. The Masterlock 176 allows the owner to set his own combination, using any series of four numbers. The lock includes a separate reset tool, which is used when entering and setting the new combination.

Lost reset tools can be replaced through a local hardware store or locksmith.

  1. Turn the Masterlock 176 lock over and set all four dials to “0."

  2. Press the shackle down and pull the lock open.

  3. Fit the reset tool into the hole in the side of the lock, and turn the reset tool a quarter turn in either direction. Leave the key in place for now.

  4. Turn the dials to the desired four-digit combination.

  5. Turn the reset tool to its original position and remove the reset tool from the lock.

  6. Close the shackle to set the combination. Scramble the dials to hide the combination.