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How to Disable Adaptive Intelligent Recovery in a Trane Thermostat

Julie Boleware

The Adaptive Intelligence Recovery setting in a Trane thermostat makes the temperature exactly as you set it at the correct time. For example, you set the thermostat to be 75 degrees when you arrive home from work at 6 p.m. but have it set for 70 degrees while you are away. With many programmable thermostats, the furnace would kick on at 6 p.m. to heat the house to 75 degrees. With the Adaptive Intelligence Recovery, the system can figure out how long it will take the furnace to reach 75 degrees by 6 p.m. and initiate cycle so that, at 6 p.m., the house already is 75 degrees. Some people do not want this feature, and it can be disabled.

  1. Press "system" on the left side of the screen to enter installer setup.

  2. Press and hold the third and fifth button on the bottom of the screen until the display changes. Note on the left side you'll see four digits; this is the function code. On the right you will see another number, which is the setting number.

  3. Press the up or down arrow on the right side of the function code to scroll through the function numbers. Stop when you reach 0530.

  4. Press the up or down arrow on the right side of the setting number to scroll through the numbers. There should only be two. 1 = On. 0 = Off. Set the code to 0.

  5. Press the "Done" button on the far left bottom to save the setting and exit the system.