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Operating Instructions for an Energy Star 44550

Meredith Jameson

The Hunter 44550 programmable thermostat is Energy Star rated and can be connected to gas or electric heat or a central air conditioning unit. The thermostat includes a seven day program with four different programs available per day, temporary or vacation override, energy monitor, LCD display, 24-hour clock, filter change indicator and a limited one year warranty. Operating the 44550 thermostat is relatively easy to do once the it has been installed and connected to the heat or air conditioning unit.

  1. Set the time by pressing and holding the "Hour" button until the current hour appears. Press "Min" until the correct minute time shows. Press the "Day" button until the correct day appears. Press "Return" to confirm the current time and return to the normal mode.

  2. Press "Auto Program" to use the pre-set program for the thermostat. Note that the unit comes pre-programmed to meet Energy Star guidelines for energy efficient temperature settings for the days of the week.

  3. Slide the "System Selector" switch to either "Heat" or "Cool" to make changes to the current program. Press "Prog" to enter the program mode and then use the "Hour" and "Min" buttons to change the desired time. Use the arrow buttons to change the desired temperature.

  4. Press "Prog" to move through the weekday, and then weekend programs. Press "Return" when all changes have been made.

  5. Make temporary changes to the current setting by pressing the up or down arrow and holding for more than one second to increase or decrease the current temperature. Press "Return" to confirm. The system will revert to the previously set program at the next program time.