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How to Program Hunter Touchscreen Thermostats

Chris Waller

Hunter thermostats are a popular option to be installed with a home heating and cooling system. A line of these thermostats features a touchscreen, which gives you easy control over your climate control system. By pressing options with your finger you can turn on the system and set a temperature. Hunter touchscreen thermostats can also be programmed to turn on the system at a certain time during the day or night and reach a desirable temperature, allowing you to go about your business and return to a comfortable home when finished.

  1. Touch the screen while it is in sleep/ready mode to turn on the Hunter thermostat. When the display comes on, press the "PRG" button to access the programming menu. Press the "PRG" button again when a message reading "Press PRG to Program" appears on the screen to move to the next menu.

  2. Tap the day that you want to set a program for on the screen. A check-mark will appear next to the day, indicating it is selected. You can select multiple days to set a program for by tapping them. When your day(s) are selected, press the period button at the bottom of the screen that matches the time period you want to set the program for and then press the "PRG" button.

  3. Touch the "Heat" or "Cool" icon to select the system you want to engage. Press the time display to select a time to start the programming, using the "Up" and "Down" arrows on the screen to change the hour and the minute. Press the "Enter" button when finished.

  4. Tap the temperature display to open up the temperature control arrows. Use the arrows to adjust to the temperature you want to program. Touch "PRG" to save the settings for the days you have chosen. You will return to the main programming menu, where you can select a different set of days. Repeat Steps 2-3 for each day you want to program until finished.