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How to Operate Trane Thermostat Heat & Cooling Controls

William Pullman

The Thermostat for Trane heating and cooling solutions gives you full control over your system. You can set the temperature manually, or set a programmed schedule to better control the temperature throughout the day.

How to Operate Trane Thermostat Heat & Cooling Controls

Trane thermostat heat and cooling controls are operated by the control pad on the front of the thermostat. The thermostat allows for manual control of the temperature in your home. It has a programmable feature that allows you to set the temperature for different times of the day, such as when you wake up, leave the house, return home and go to sleep. By learning how to use your Trane thermostat, you can better control your heating and cooling costs.

Manual Control

    Select System Mode

  1. Press the "System Mode" button to switch between "Heating," "Cooling" or "Auto." When you choose "Auto," the thermostat will operate the heating or cooling system as needed to match the input temperature setting.

  2. Adjust Temperature Setting

  3. Push the up or down arrow buttons to change the temperature for your to your desired setting. The heat or air conditioning will engage as needed once the current temperature exceeds the temperature that you set.

  4. Manual Temperature Override

  5. Press the "Hold" button on your Trane thermostat to override any programmed temperature settings and operate according to your manually input temperature setting.

  6. Tip

    If you haven't programmed a heating or cooling schedule into your unit, there is no need to attempt a manual override. Setting up a programmed schedule can save money on heating and cooling costs, however.

Programmed Control

    Engage Scheduling

  1. Press the "Set Clock/Day/Schedule" button and then select the "Set Schedule" button to start the programming feature on your Trane thermostat. You are now setting the "Weekday" programming schedule.

  2. Set Wake Time and Temperature

  3. Change the "Wake" time for your "Weekday" setting by pressing the up or down arrow button. Press "Next" to advance to the temperature for your "Wake" time, then push the up and down arrow buttons to change your "Wake" temperature.

  4. Configure Additional Settings

  5. Press the "Next" button once you've set your "Wake" time and temperature to continue to the "Leave" setting. Set the time and temperature for the "Leave" setting, then continue to the "Return" and "Sleep" settings. Press "Next" after setting the temperature for your "Sleep" setting to continue to the "Weekend" schedule.

  6. Weekend Schedule Setup

  7. Set the times and temperatures for "Wake," "Leave," "Return" and "Sleep" for the "Weekend" setting, then press "Done" to exit programming. The Trane thermostat will automatically control the heating and cooling systems based on your program, unless you press the "Hold" button to manually override the system.