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Instructions for the Sylvania SA140

William Pullman

You have many options for securing your home, from better door locks to installing a security system. One method for increasing the security in your home is to use lamp timers to turn lights on when you are not at home to turn them on yourself. The Sylvania SA140 timer allows you operate up to four lamps or other appliances. In addition to the standard programming options found on most lamp timers, the Sylvania SA140 has the Zip-Set feature, which, when set, automatically turns your lamps on at sunset.

Zip-Set Operation

  1. Press and hold "Mode" until "Zip" appears on the LCD screen.

  2. Hold the "Zip Set/Clear" button until the three-digit area code appears on the screen. The first of the three digits will blink.

  3. Push the "Forward/Hourly Adjust" or "Reverse" buttons to change the blinking digit to the first number in your area code and then press the "On/Off/Enter" button to advance to the second digit. Enter the remaining two numbers of your area code. Press the "Zip Set/Clear" button to go back to a previous digit, if you make a mistake. Push the "On/Off/Enter" button after entering the third digit to bring up the turn-off time, which is a single blinking digit.

  4. Press the "Forward/Hourly Adjust" button to choose how many hours after sunset you want the the timer to turn off your lamps or other appliances. You can select 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16 hours after sunset. Save the setting by pressing the "On/Off/Enter" button, and "Done" will appear on the display.

  5. Set the Zip-Set timer by pressing and holding "Mode" until "Zip" appears on the screen. The timer will now turn on at sunset and turn off after the set amount of hours you programmed into the timer in Step 4.

  6. Press the "Random" button to vary when the lights go on and off. For example, if you set the lights to come on at sunset, the "Random" feature will turn on the lights a few minutes before or after sunset. This is an additional security feature that makes it appear as if the house is occupied.

Manual Programming

  1. Press "Mode" until "PROG" is in the display along with a 1, 2, 3 or 4. You can program up to four different timer settings in the Sylvania SA140.

  2. Push "Calendar/7-5-2" to switch how often the timer setting functions. You can choose between 7, for all week; 5, for weekdays; or 2, for weekends.

  3. Hold the "Program" button until a blinking time appears on the screen. This is the start time for your program.

  4. Press the "Forward/Hourly Adjust" or "Reverse" buttons to change the start time for your program and then press the "On/Off/Enter" button to advance to the end time for your program. Change the time using the "Forward/Hourly Adjust" or "Reverse" buttons and press "On/Off/Enter" to save the setting. The current time will appear on the screen after saving the end time.

  5. Press and hold the "Mode" button until "Prog" appears on the screen to turn on your manual program, and press the "Random" button to create a small variation in the starting and ending times.

  6. Turn off all timers by pressing the "Mode" button until "Off" appears on the screen.