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How to Operate Timex Indoor Timers

Meredith Jameson

The Timex Indoor Timer offers tine controlled power to lights, such as indoor lamps or Christmas lights, with a programmer that functions similarly to an alarm clock. The timer turns on and off one time per 24-hour period, so it can also turn lights on and off for people who are on vacation or absent, providing the illusion that someone is home. Setting the timer is relatively simple, and you can program the timer for up to seven days at a time.

The Timex Indoor Timer can automatically turn on and off electric lights, such as Christmas lights.
  1. Plug the timer into a working power supply for at least six minutes to charge the battery.

  2. Use the tip of a pencil or pen to press the "RST" button and clear the memory.

  3. Press and hold the "Set" button for three seconds until the time display flashes. Press the arrow buttons to set the current hour. Press "Set" to confirm. Repeat to set the minutes on the display.

  4. Press the ">" key to enter the programming mode. Push the up and down arrows to select the program number for the first timer setting.

  5. Press "Set" until the day of the week begins to flash. Press the arrow buttons to choose the desired day of the week for the program. Individual days can be selected, as can the entire week.

  6. Press "Set" to confirm the day of the week. Press again until the hour begins to flash. Press the arrow buttons to choose hour and repeat to select the minute time. Press "Set" to confirm and "Time" to exit the programming mode.

  7. Press "Auto On" to turn on the timer and connect the desired lamp, light or Christmas lights to the timer.