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How to Change the Password on a Craftsman Garage Door Keypad

William Pullman

The Craftsman garage door opener keypad is a password operated device, attached to the outside of your garage, used to control your garage door. The keypad is convenient when you do not have access to a remote control to open your garage door. You create a password that controls the door when the garage door opener is installed; if you feel that your garage door opener password has been compromised, you can delete it and program a new password.

  1. Climb the ladder so you can reach the garage door opener motor housing. The programming control panel is located on the motor housing.

  2. Press and hold the "Learn" button until the indicator light turns on and then off. This will erase all the stored passwords.

  3. Enter the garage door opener's programming mode by pressing and releasing the "Learn" button. The indicator light will turn on and stay lit for 30 seconds.

  4. Climb down the ladder and walk to the keypad on the outside of the garage.

  5. Create a new password by pressing four numbers of your choice on the keypad, followed by the "Enter" button. (The password must be exactly four numbers.) The safety light on the motor housing will blink once and the indicator light will turn off.

  6. Close the garage door and test the new password to make sure it works. If the code does not work, repeat Steps 1 through 5.

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