How to Change the Code on a Phantom Garage Door Opener

Kenneth Crawford

The Phantom garage door opener by Overhead Door, uses a push button to quickly program remotes and keypads. When you lose a remote control, or feel that someone else has found your frequency on their remote, changing the code on the opener is a good idea.

To change the code on a Phantom garage door opener requires erasing the memory inside the receiver.

  1. Position a step ladder under the rear of the Phantom garage door opener power head. Locate the programming "learn" button. The "learn" button is on the lower right rear of the power head below the force adjustment screws.

  2. Press the "learn" button with your index finger. Hold the button in until the LED light turns off. This erases the memory inside the opener receiver.

  3. Push the "learn" button again with your index finger. The LED light below the button blinks twice per second. Press and release the push button on the remote control. The LED light will stop blinking and stay illuminated.

  4. Press the push button on the remote control once more, and the LED light will turn off. The code is successfully changed. Reprogram any other remotes as you did the first. You do not need to erase the memory beforehand when programming the remaining remotes.