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How to Program a Quantum Garage Door Model 3316

Megan Mattingly-Arthur

Founded in 1954 in Mount Hope, Ohio, Wayne Dalton has since become one of the world's most recognized names in the garage door and garage door opener industry. Dalton's Quantum 3316 is a chain-drive garage door opener operated by a hand-held remote transmitter. The transmitter for the Quantum garage door opener must be programmed before using it for the first time and programming it can be done in two minutes or less.

Step 1

Change the transmitter code before programming the transmitter to the power head unit. Hold down the large transmitter button for 10 seconds, or until the LED indicator on the transmitter begins to flash, then release. The indicator light will turn off. Press and hold the transmitter button again, this time for five seconds or until the indicator starts flashing, then release. Watch the LED indicator. Three flashes indicate that the transmitter's code has been changed successfully.

Step 2

Flip the "Program" switch on the power head unit. The red indicator light to the right of the "Program" switch will turn on, indicating that you have accessed the unit's transmitter programming mode.

Step 3

Press the large button on the transmitter to program that button to operate your garage door. Note that the red indicator light will flash three times to indicate that the transmitter has been successfully synchronized to the power head unit.

Step 4

Press the large button on the transmitter a second time to operate the garage door opener and confirm programming. Press the button a final time to close the garage door.