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My Cabrio Washer Continues to Beep After the Cycle Is Done

Jane Humphries

Whirlpool produces the Cabrio top-loader washer range, which features an electronically controlled end-of-cycle signal. The signal alerts you when the washer cycle completes and continues to beep until you stop it from sounding. The design idea actively encourages you to remove your laundry from the washer while your clean clothes are in optimum condition. This helps to prevent the need to rewash clothes that lie forgotten in the washer drum and begin to smell due to bacterial and mold growth. Whirlpool provides three alternative ways to stop the end-of-cycle alert.

Switch off the end-of-cycle signal to stop the beep repetition on a Cabrio washer.

Step 1

Open the washer lid to cancel the end-of-cycle signal operation. Lifting the lid produces a circuit break that automatically shuts off the sound.

Step 2

Push the “Power” button to switch off the washer when the end-of-cycle signal beeps. You'll find the button on the left-hand side of the control panel.

Step 3

Reset the end-of-cycle alert if you do not want to hear the beeping noise in the future. Hold down the “Cycle Signal” button for three seconds until the indicator light goes out, as recommended by Whirlpool.