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How to Freeze Proof Washing Machines

John Rose

If you are closing up your house for the winter, it's important to freeze-proof your home. This includes the washing machine. It is not difficult to freeze-proof a washer, but it is very important to keep from damaging your machine. The process involves just a few simple steps that take only a few minutes to complete. If water freezes within the machine's water lines, they will burst and cause serious damage. At that point, the repairs can become very expensive, and you may have to replace the washing machine.

Step 1

Turn off the supply valves to the hot and cold water.

Step 2

Disconnect the water supply hoses from the washing machine using the channel-lock pliers to loosen the hose fittings.

Step 3

Set the washing machine timer so that it is on a drain and spin setting. Allow the machine to run for one minute in this mode.

Step 4

Unplug the washing machine power cord from the electrical outlet.