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How to Troubleshoot a Maytag Range Code 5A6

Kyle McBride

When a Maytag range shows "5A6" in the display on its control panel, most of the range features will not work. There are no beeps to indicate the control panel recognized an input, and the interior lights will not come on. Aside from "Bake," none of the range functions will work. Troubleshooting this code will pose no difficulty nor will it require any tools. The code displayed is not really 5A6. The seven-segment display is showing "SAb" which is the indication that the range is in "Sabbath mode." To regain full use of the range, take the range out of Sabbath mode.

Step 1

Locate the "Clock" pad on the control panel. The "Clock" pad is below the display.

Step 2

Press the "Clock" pad and hold it for five seconds.

Step 3

Observe the display. The SAb flashes for five seconds and goes off. The time is once again displayed on the control panel.