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Instructions for the Use of a Welbilt Toaster Oven Broiler

Lisa Wampler

There are different models of Welbilt toaster oven broilers on the market. However, when you look at each individual model, you see that they all function in the same manner. They all have front loading racks for food placement and they all have controls to set the cooking function and heat settings. The instructions for your Welbilt toaster oven broiler are straightforward because the controls for the appliance are straightforward.

Step 1

Place your food inside the toaster oven on the rack. The toaster oven does not heat from below so you can place your food on a metal cooking sheet or aluminum foil and then place it on the rack.

Step 2

Set the toaster oven to the desired temperature by rotating the bottom dial to a spot between "Light" and "Dark." This function works just as a toaster does. The More you rotate the dial toward dark, the toastier your food will be.

Step 3

Select a desired cooking time by rotating the top dial clockwise. Time increments are listed around the dial. If you plan to toast bread, aim the indicator on the dial at the icon that looks like a piece of bread. Otherwise, point the indicator at a time listed around the dial. When you select a time, the toaster oven automatically comes on. The dial will rotate counterclockwise until it reaches zero. It will then turn off.

Step 4

Open the door and remove the food from the toaster oven with an oven mitt. Keep in mind that metal parts inside the toaster oven will remain hot for a while after you turn off the oven.