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Calibrating Dacor Ovens

Chad Buleen

Dacor ovens are designed to allow owners to have the ability to calibrate the oven temperature without the help of a service professional. Owners may find that the climate in which they live or other factors necessitate a calibration change. This feature is especially beneficial if you find that the food you bake tends to burn or not be done well enough. Temperature calibration does not require any mechanical expertise on your part.

Step 1

Place an oven thermometer inside the oven.

Step 2

Turn on the oven to 350 degrees F for one hour on any of the baking settings. These settings are listed on the oven as "CONV BAKE," "PURE CONV," "CONV ROAST" OR "BAKE." If you want to test the "BROIL" or "CONV BROIL" methods, set the oven to 555 degrees F.

Step 3

Check the oven thermometer after one hour. If it varies from the 350 or 555 degree F setting on the display, you know you must calibrate the oven. Assume for this example that the oven thermometer reads "353."

Step 4

Turn off the oven.

Step 5

Press the "0" and the "#" buttons on the keypad simultaneously. Hold the buttons until "PASS" appears on the display.

Step 6

Enter "6428" immediately on the keypad, then press "Start." "SLCt" will appear on your oven's display.

Step 7

Press the key for the cooking mode to which you want to adjust the calibrated temperature settings (See Step 2).

Step 8

Use the number keypad to enter the number of degrees you want to change the oven calibration. In this example, you would press "3." If you wanted to decrease the temperature calibration, you would press the "#" key after pressing the number to add a "-" before the number.

Step 9

Press "Start."

Step 10

Press "Cancel" to exit the calibration display screen.