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Calibrating the Magic Chef Stove

Andrew Todd

Magic Chef ranges are made by Maytag and, as such, share components. The ranges have an electronic oven control (ERC) that controls all elements of the oven, including the internal temperature and cooking mode. After regular use, it may be necessary to adjust the calibration of the oven to ensure that the temperature inside the oven corresponds to the temperature set on the electronic oven control.

Step 1

Determine the calibration needed, using an oven thermometer. To determine the calibration, preheat the Magic Chef oven and insert the thermometer into the oven compartment. Use the "Oven Light" button to turn on the oven light and look at the reading on the thermometer through the oven's front window to determine the actual temperature inside the oven. Turn off the oven when the required calibration is determined.

Step 2

Press and hold the "Bake" button for approximately five seconds and then release it when "00" appears on the oven's display.

Step 3

Use the "+" and "-" buttons to adjust the oven calibration. Each time a button is pressed, the temperature is offset by 10 degrees Fahrenheit, up to 30 degrees.

Step 4

Press the "Start" button to save the settings.