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Troubleshooting Thermador Oven Error Codes

Amy Kingston

Thermador built-in ovens are equipped with digital controls and displays. The ovens display error codes that are used by service technicians to diagnose and correct problems with the oven.

The appearance of a code does not always mean service is required, but the continued display of a code means the oven should be inspected to determine if repairs are needed. Call a service technician if an error code appears more than once.

  1. Enter a valid temperature or time if “Err” appears on the display. This means an invalid time or temperature was entered. It does not indicate a problem with the oven.

  2. Turn the oven off and wait three minutes before turning it on again if “F -24” or “F-25” is displayed. These error codes mean the keys on the control panel were pushed or touched for longer than 60 seconds. Leaning against the oven or hanging objects in front of the controls can cause these error codes to appear.

  3. Press the “Oven Off” key to clear the display and reset the oven if an “F” followed by two numbers is shown on the display. Wait three minutes, and turn the oven on. This type of error code indicates a problem with the signal received by the electronic control board.

  4. Write the error code down if an error code displays more than once. Thermador recommends calling a service technician if an error code reappears.