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How to Get the Lock off a GE Monogram Oven

Andrew Todd

GE Monogram appliances are high-end cooking appliances, manufactured by General Electric. GE Monogram ranges and wall ovens have an electronic oven control panel that allows you to choose the oven's cooking mode, adjust the internal temperature of the oven and control other elements, such as the kitchen timer.

As a safety precaution, the electronic oven control also has a child-lock, which makes the buttons on the control unresponsive to user input, to prevent children from turning on the appliance. Additionally, when the control panel is locked, the oven door automatically locks, preventing children from accessing the oven compartment. When you are ready to use the oven, unlock the control panel.

  1. Locate the "9" and "0" buttons on the oven's electronic control panel.

  2. Press and hold the "9" and "0" buttons simultaneously.

  3. Release both buttons when “LOC OFF” is displayed on the oven display, indicating that the oven is now unlocked.


If using a double-oven, use the upper-oven controls to unlock the doors.