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How to Reset an Amana Convection Oven

Andrew Todd

Amana manufactures many different types of ovens and ranges, designed for home use. Amana convection ovens offer faster cook times, and use a fan in the rear of the oven to circulate air around the food. The circulation of air ensures that the food cooks evenly and quickly. If your oven is displaying an error code, it may be necessary to reset the oven to clear the error.

  1. Ensure that all dials are in the "Off" position, and turn off the oven if possible.

  2. Locate the oven breaker in your fuse box. The oven may have its own dedicated breaker, or may be connected to the "Kitchen" breaker.

  3. Turn off the breaker, and allow it to remain off for more than 1 minute.

  4. Turn the breaker back to the "On" position to complete the hard reset of the Amana convection oven.