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How to Unlock a Safety First Cabinet Lock

Maxwell Payne

Safety First is a company that makes a line of infant and child safety equipment for home use. Examples include baby gates, hard corner covers, cribs and cabinet locks. The cabinet locks prevent easy access to the contents of a cabinet.

Under sink cabinets tend to house cleaning supplies dangerous to small children.

For example, in a kitchen or bathroom cabinet you may keep cleaning supplies which can be harmful or deadly if ingested. Of course, if you need access to the cabinet, you will need to know how to defeat the lock and gain access.

  1. Take the "key" and hold it by the handle.

  2. Point the magnet on the end of the key toward the top corner of the cabinet door on the same side as the cabinet handle.

  3. Gently hover or press the magnet tip over the top corner edge of the door while gently pulling the cabinet door. The magnet triggers the lock release, opening the door.

  4. Tip

    Keep the key piece high up and out of reach. Kids can be very curious and upon finding the key may figure out what it does.


    A cabinet lock is not a substitute for proactive safety. Limit or remove dangerous chemicals and cleaning supplies and do not allow an infant or child to be in a room with the cabinet unsupervised. Remember to pull the cabinet handle gently after closing to ensure the lock is reengaged.