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How to Turn Off the Lock Light on the Kenmore Elite Electric Cooktop

Jon Stefansson

Kenmore is a home appliance brand owned by Sears Holdings Corporation, the same company that operates Sears department stores across North America. Kenmore Elite is the brand applied to the company's top line of consumer appliances. The "Lock" light glows on your Kenmore Elite electric cooktop when the controls are locked out, preventing all input. Canceling the lock causes the lock light to switch off and reactivates the cooktop controls.

Electric cooktops often include a lock-out function that protects children from hurting themselves.
  1. Locate the "Padlock" icon button among the cooktop's controls. The button is sometimes marked with the text "Lock."

  2. Hold down the "Padlock" icon or "Lock" button; a beep sounds after a few seconds.

  3. Release the "Padlock" icon or "Lock" button. The "Lock" light goes out.