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How to Ignite an Electric Pilot on a Stove

Nannette Richford

Stoves with electric pilot lights or electronic ignition do not have pilot lights that burn continually. These stoves are designed to light when the burners are turned on and the electronic ignition is activated. Typically, this produces a small spark that ignites the gas as it is released to the burner. Once the burner is turned off, all gas to the burner is shut off and there is no remaining pilot light. Igniting one isn't difficult.

Electronic ignition creates a small spark to light the burner.
  1. Search for a knob or button labeled "ignite" on the front of the stove near the burner controls. Some models feature a red button that ignites the flame when depressed, but models vary. Your stove may have a knob to turn instead of a button to depress. Refer to your owner's manual if you cannot locate the "ignite" button.

  2. Turn on the gas with the burner controls when you are ready to light the burner.

  3. Depress the "ignite" button, or turn the "ignite" knob. You should hear a click as the igniter is activated. The gas in the burner ignites. Move the ignite knob back to its original position if it does not do so automatically.