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How to Light a Pilot Light on an Admiral Oven

Mary McNally

Admiral makes ovens that have either a pilotless ignition or a pilot light to light the burners when you turn them on. An Admiral oven pilot light should stay lit after the first time you light it. However, drafts caused by opening a door can blow the oven's pilot light out. You can light the oven's pilot again immediately, as long as the oven has not filled with gas.

An oven's pilot light is relatively easy to reach.
  1. Open the oven's broiler door and let any unlit gas escape.

  2. Remove the broiler pan. Locate the pilot on the burner at the back of the oven.

  3. Push in the "Oven Temp" knob while it is in the "OFF" position.

  4. Light a match and hold it to the pilot until it ignites. Blow out the match.

  5. Release the "Oven Temp" knob. Replace the broiler pan and shut the door.