How to Light a Maytag Gas Oven

James Clark

Maytag manufactures a line of ovens and ranges that are fueled by natural gas. The electric igniter system built into the appliance lights the surface burners and oven burners automatically. All four surface igniters will click when any burner control knob is activated, however, only the burner linked to the control knob will ignite. During a power outage, the electirc igniter system will not work but the burners can still be lighted manually.

  1. Push in and turn any control knob counterclockwise to ignite the corresponding surface or oven burner.

  2. Dial the knob to the desired flame setting for cooking.

  3. Light a wooden kitchen match during a power outage when you wish to use the Maytag oven. Hold the flame on the martch tip close to the burner before pushing in and turning the burner's control knob to the "IGNITE" setting.