How to Light a Dean Fryer

Hollan Johnson

The Dean company makes a number of deep-fryers called Frymasters. These commercial appliances are used in fast food and restaurant chains for frying a number of different foods such as fries, chicken fingers and fish.

Dean fryers are either powered by electricity or gas; the gas-powered fryers have pilot lights that must be lit before the fryer can be used to cook any food.

  1. Turn the manual shut-off valve located near the main gas line to the fryer to "Off." Wait five minutes for any residual gas to disperse.

  2. Set the Thermatron dial, the dial on the front of the fryer, to the lowest setting.

  3. Fill the fry pot with oil, pouring it in slowly to avoid spilling any.

  4. Open the manual shut-off valve by turning the handle to "On." Light a match and hold it over the pilot burner orifice, located under the fry pot.

  5. Turn the gas valve to “Pilot” and hold it until it lights. Turn on the Thermatron dial to light the burners.